Hello!  First I want to thank you for having us do your holiday photos.   We are so excited to work with you and your dog(s).  We are located at 2047 Cedarlawn Ave in Rotterdam.   This is a home and not a business location.  We have a large family room that we convert to a photo studio for these sessions.  The room is private and separate from the main house.  We try to greet everyone in the driveway, but if we don’t, please use the side door entrance.   For those who have never been to us, we are a father daughter team and we are not just photographers, but animals lovers as well.  We work together to get the best shots of your pet. 


These are 15-20 minutes sessions and we have people booked every ½ hour.  To make sure things run smoothly, it’s important to make sure you are prompt, but not early.  We try to avoid dogs running into one another because not all dogs like others. So if you are early, we would ask that you wait outside until we come out.  


Here’s what to expect:


Photo session -   Because these are short sessions, we will have to move quickly but we allow the dog(s) a few minutes to sniff around and check the room out.  We will try for photos without a leash, but if we are not getting the response we hope for, we may ask you to put the leash on so we have more control of where they sit.  No worries, all leashes and people will be removed from the photo when they are edited.   If you have more than one dog, we will try to get them together, but we may also do the shots individually and put them together in editing.   We will take photos of your dog (s) by themselves and then we can take a few with you included if you would like.   We have treats, toys and noise makers, but if your dog(s) have any particular toys that really get their attention, feel free to bring it.  Also an props, outfits etc., are all welcome.  Once we think we have enough shots we will end the session.   Payment is due at the session and we accept cash, check or charge.  


After the session - It will take 3-4 days for us to edited all the photos.  Once they’re done, you will receive a link to your photos via email.   From there you can download them to a computer or your phone, however, if you’re downloading to a phone there is a free app you have to download first.  Also, the download to phones are only really good for sharing on social media and not for making prints.  For prints you will want to download to a pc.  If you need an alternative delivery for the photos, let me know and we can get them to you another way.  The photos will be yours to do whatever you want with.  You have full print rights for personal use.  This means you can use the photos for anything personal such as cards, gifts, etc., but you cannot use them to create products for sale. 


Here is a link to our Tips for a Successful Session page.  Please take a moment to look.   The biggest thing is to relax and have fun with this. Even the best trained dogs can get confused at a photo shoot.  This is a new experience for most of them and even if they’ve done it before, it’s still a new place with new smells and new people asking them to do things.  If we keep it as relaxed as possible, things will go just fine.


Again, thank you for having us do your photos and if you have any questions at all, please message us or call me at 518-275-5615